The Custom tailor is an artist in the truest sense. Using a gentleman's imperfect body as inspiration, the tailor fashions a garment that captures every subtlety and caters to its owner's individual strengths. Whether you begin with a custom dress shirt or men's suit, the experience promises to be among the most rewarding you will encounter.

Men who try custom tailoring often become lifetime advocates, simply because no off view more

Custom Tailor Designer

We at Diallo Tailors offers premium and customized men's clothing ranging from custom suits, sports jacket, overcoats, shirts and pants tailored by professional and highly experienced custom tailors. Every piece that leaves our workshop is tailored to perfection and goes through rigorous quality control. From perfectly matched patterns, to well proportioned and fitted linings, to the finest trimmings available, no detail is over looked.

Styles include classic single-breasted suits, double-breasted blazers, chic three-button single-breasted jackets. Cuts can be from international fashion houses, or custom designed in-house with your reference as our guide. Shirt styles range from the classic Italian forward points and English Broad collars to button downs, spread or cut away collars and open neck (Hawaiian) collars with long or short sleeves and classic barrel cuffs or French cuffs. Options like pockets, cuffs, placate fronts, pleated back and monogramming are fully customizable.

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